Upgrade to NAV 5.0 from older versions - is this a 2 step process?

Does anyone know if MS plan to release upgrade tools from 3.1 or 3.60 ?

I guess not. Since support for old versions has ended. But Microsoft some tomes forget that there is still a huge customers will older versions.

Nope… It’s a 2 step process…

Thanks for the heads up. Odd though isn’t it, they stop support on the old product but don’t give a path to upgrade. Of course I am sure its not too hard to find the upgrade tools say from 3.10 to 3.70, but technically they don’t exist [:@]

OK, A bit of hunting around, and I see that All thought the products are not supported, the Upgrade tool kits are still supported back to version 1.0.

So no problem really then.

Since it seems like there are a LOT of clients still on 2.60, 3.10 and 3.60 I am looking to create upgrade tool kits to get these directly to 5.00.

That would be an excellent product. [:D]

I will be creating it for the US version first, but if there is demand, then I can do it also for other countries.

Note that the issue is not the complexity of conversion, or objects etc, Its all about how long it takes to convert, and doing two steps doubles the time. May clinets need about 20-30 hours on thier hardware to do an upgrade. So if they do two steps, it means 40-60 hours, and that can not be done over a weekend.