Upgrade to 3.70 Codeunit 104045 Step 1

We are in the process of upgrading a client from 2.01 to 3.70. When running the codeunit 104045, I get error message ‘Quantity on Hand must not be less than 0 for all bins’. In the instructions for the Upgrade, under Phase V (Upgrade the Data), under Check for Negative inventory in Bins, it says that 3.70 does not support negative inventory for locations that use bins. Our client has several items with negative inventory levels (Qty on Hand < 0). How do we handle this problem during the upgrade process? Thanks. Pari Somasundaram

The question should be… how they’re having negative quantities on a location (in a physical way is not possible, we all now the ‘logical’ way). You should ask your customer to keep track of the negative quantities they’re right now having and make a physical adjustment of those negative quantities on hand to 0, then when receiving those items that are already supposed to be sent, do negative adjustments for removing them from the inventory. Or adjusting their inventory between the different locations (if they physically took the items from a different location for doing a shipment while waiting to receive a purchase receipt).