Upgrade Questions Need Help asap

Hi Guys Doing an upgrade at a client site. The upgrade is from Navision Financials 2.6 to MBS - Navision 3.7. Apparently according to the upgrade documentation you should export all the objects form std version of 2.6 db and the customers db as text files and then apply the REMID tool to those text files. Because the REMID tool removes any object and variable ID’s before you can import those files in the Navision developers toolkit for comparing and merging. Well I have done that and the REMID tool does not seem to work properly. The object text files I exported from the db is about 7.3 mg and when the remid tool was done(it looks like it is hanging) creating new text file with the removed id’d it created a file that was 16k big and it seemded not to do anything. Do you really need to use the REMID tool? Because the upgrade documentation of 3.7 on the Navision CD advises that you need to do this for compare and merging other wise it makes that part more upgrade more difficult. If answer is yes please advise. Need help urgently!!![:(]

Hi Guys Thanks guys for the help. But I have seem to figure this one out by myself.

Hey , just saw ur post do you still require help ?