Upgrade query from 3.0 SP1 to SP3

Hi, We are using Axapta 3.0 SP1 right now. User base is around 1000 users across different 3 sites in the same country. We are planning to upgrade from SP1 to SP3. I’m doing this for the first time. I have read some pre-requisities in Installation guide such as : 1. Backing up the application. 2. Backing up the database. I hope I’m on the right track with the above pre-requisites. I wanted to know if there is any utility or tool which can automate the client upgradation process or is it such that my 1000 users will have to manually do the installation part ? Any suggestions or opinions highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Dilip, That depends alot on your setup… 1. Are you running 2-tier or 3-tier ? 2. Which database do you use ? 3. Are you using local clients or shared-client (the good old way :-))

Also… are you only upgrading the kernel, or also the application? Because there is a world of differene between the two things :slight_smile:

Hi Soren, Thanks for your reply. Here are the answers : 1. 2-tier 2. SQL 2000 3. Most of the clients are locally connected, some also use WTS client to connect directly to Application. I would be upgrading application as well as client.

Hi Dilip, As far as I remember, you only need to owerwrite then kernel (ax32.exe) on each client with the new kernel. For this you could make a logon script (.vbs) and distribute the new ax32.exe by copying it to all clients. I assume the application itself is placed on a network drive ? You should make a backup of the entire directory incl. subfolders. The same goes for the database. I recommend that you set up a test envirnment and do the upgrade there first, to get an overview how many elements require coding. Of course, this is only an issue if you have made development changes to your application.