Upgrade Outsourcing

Hi, We are a MBS Solution Centre (based in UK) with a client who wants to upgrade from Navision 2.5 to 3.7 early next year. Due to other commitments within our organisation we are investigating the possibility of outsourcing the upgrade. Has anybody done this previously and can give us their views and maybe possible recommendations or even contacts. We’ve read of one customer using a Solution Centre in India. Again has anybody had experiences of using such solution centres for outsourcing and can share their experiences ? Many thanks in advance

Our firm, Liberty Grove Software, specializes in outsourcing Upgrades. We do them day in and day out. We focus on North American installations, but I can assure you that by specializing it is possible for us to be more cost effective at the process than most Solution Centers are. In addition, using us allows the Solution Center to focus on what they are best at. I’m hardly an objective responder, but our customers seem to think the outsourcing approach worked well for them.

Hi Robin There are contractors in the UK who are able to do such things as upgrading a database or any other development that you are unable to do in house. David Cox comes to mind but he may be busy at the moment but if it does not have to be done now then he may be able to schedule you in?? Oh you can always tell how busy David is by how many posts he makes to this site, the more he makes the less busy he is. Paul Baxter

Based on David Cox’s many helpful postings to this forum, I think he would be an excellent candidate to contact. Good luck!

Thanks for all your replies both public and private. These have been passed onto my manager for his perusal.