Upgrade of Navision Server+ Client From 2.6 to 3.

We would like to use the HotCopy functionality (we may also want to experiment with XML) available in 3.7, so for that we would like to upgrade the Navision Server (Server.exe) and the Navision Clients (Fin.exe) to 3.70, but we will keep the Application (the objects) on 2.6. Questions : o Is it safe to do so (ie: any risk of corrupting the Database? less reliable/robust environement?) ? o What’s MBS recommendation regarding this ? We’re aware that many other Navision end-users are running with 3.6/3.7 clients & server with a 2.60 Application, but before doing likewise we want to be sure that we’re not violating any support aggreement and if it’s safe to proceed to such upgrade. Have you been in the same boat ?

If your license allows it (there are granules for accessing 3.x software) then you’re not violating any agreements. [:)] No risk of corruption. (We haven’t had any and I convert databases all the time). MBS (somewhere) recommends that you use the latest executables. The later executables have fewer bugs and more functionality. We have all of our clients using 3.7 executables including our User Portal clients with no problems. Regards, Django