Upgrade of Navision 2.00 Adv. Distribution to 2.60

Hi, I would like to know the steps to upgrade an Advanced Distribution 2.00 database to 2.60 (as a temp. step to finally upgrade to 3.70). The steps are basically: - Restore 2.00 backup in 2.60 version. - Import upgrade1.fob and run for duplicate names. - import 2.60 object set (mods included). - Import upgrade2.fob and run codeunit 104019, to update prospects. But I don’t see the additional upgrade steps for the Advanced Distribution part. The manual is not very clear in that. Who can help me out? Thanks, Roelof de Jong.

I am not 100% sure - But I am almost positive, that you do not need to mess around with the warehouse entries at all - They do not have anything to do with valuation etc.