upgrade of NAV 2.x

hi all…

Is it possible to upgrade NAV 2.x version to higher versions like 2009 or 2013 one shot? I mean NAV 3.7 onwards we do upgrade directly to 2009 or 2013 …using the upgrade toolkit. SO likewise is it possible a one shot upgrade for NAV 2.x… is the upgrade tool kit for it available anywhere. Please help me in this.



There is no tool to upgrade in one shot.

you have to upgrade from one version to one version…

Hi Mohana,

Okay… i understand. But is there a upgrade tool kit available for nav2.x. i heard like tool kit is available from 3.x version onwards only. So my doubt is still uncleared. suppose 3.7 upgrade… we can upgrade 3.7 version to 2009 version.In between there is no version upgrade… So same way 2.x can also be upgraded? or it have to be first upgraded to 3.x or 4 . And then a upgrade from there to 2009. Is it correct?

You can search in Partnersource with

Upgrade Toolkit Archive for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


i don ave acces to partner source… how can i get one

Please contact your Senior/Partner