Upgrade NF 1.30 -> NA 3.01: Backup restore problem

I do all as discribed in upgrade manual: 1. Making backup of customized NF 1.30 2. Restoring only obj in NA 3.01 But, I have following problem. Then trying open any obj for design it couses error: “User defined function is called with 0 parameters, it require 1 parameter” And I’m not able open any obj. Then restoring backup with data this error popup, only then I accessing modified obj, where are chanded standart NF field from Integer to Code 10. Then testing database everything OK. Anybody have solution for that ?

Are u sure it says “Restoring only Objects in NA 3.01” … are u sure it’s not resetoring only data with NO objects??? Regards and happy christmas, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es

Page 40: 1 Create a backup of the old version of Navision Financials from a client computer and then uninstall Navision Financials on that computer. 2 Install the newest version of Navision Attain on the client computer. 3 Restore the objects from the backup of the old customized Navision Financials database into the new version of Navision Attain. Do not restore the data now. This is talk about customizing new database. More fun things: I have tried this on: 2.00 - OK 2.01,2.60 - ERROR’s too. But in 2.01 I’m able open obj for design. But if I try compile obj with assigment to this changed field, NF closes without any mesage. New tip - For quick close press F11. I think that somewere in database left info that this field is Integer. Merry cristmas.

Problem is solved I have modified CodeUnit 1, added some functions. In Nf 1.30 inmported CodeUnit 1 from orginal fdb, then everything goes clear. So CU after cristmas.