Upgrade Navision 4.0 Native DB to NAV 2016


one of our customer using NAV 4.0 Native database, they directly converted the database and using it in NAV 2009 Classic version without any proper upgrade. Now they want us to upgrade to latest version (i.e NAV 2016).

First, How can i upgrade the converted database to NAV 2009, when should i do Native to SQL database conversion.

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Shyam Kumar N

Hi Shyam,

So here is how you do it -

  1. First you do a migration from Native to SQL.
  2. You upgrade your client database from NAV 4 to NAV 2009.
  3. From 2009 you upgrade it to NAV 2013 / 2013 R2 / 2015.
  4. Then Finally upgrade to NAV 2016.

** Client exe is upgrade the database, process, objects are still of NAV 4, so upgrade is required and have no impact even the exe is of NAV 2009.

** The First upgrade step from NAV 4 to NAV 2009 is to open NAV 4 database to NAV 2009, so no issues.

Let me know if any questions.

Thanks Saurav,

For NAV 2009 and NAV 2015 Data upgrade, only Table objects has to be code upgrade right?

So here is the catch…

  1. You only Need Table Fields (Only Fields - New Fields and Standard Field Length Size / DataType change) to be merged in NAV 2009 Objects, NAV 2015 Objects.

  2. Other Objects can be used as standard objects other than tables.

** Make sure that you upgrade your data from NAV 4 To NAV 2009 (that is first step).
** Even the code upgrade for tables is also not required…

Thanks Saurav, this helped me a lot.

Welcome bro…

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