Upgrade NAV2009 R2 to NAV 2013

Hi ,

I Plan to upgrade NAV2009 to NAV2013 , questions is :

  1. How to get the / download software directly from microsoft Link ?

  2. Can I Install it as Stand alone PC for trial . my PC has 32 Bit windows 7 pro. is it possible to install NAV 2013 ?

  3. how to migrate my old database to new NAV2013 database .

  4. I have some modifications tabel and code unit , should I Change it ? can I convert to NAV 2013 ?

if someone had exprience about it, please send me the steps to upgrade NAV 2013.

best Regards



You can download it from partnersource /customersource .

You can download it from http://dynamicsuser.net/media/

You can install it on your machine but you need to have 64bit machine. On 32 bit machine you can install client of NAV 2013 and for database you need to have 64 bit server and sql server 2012

For upgrade look at following link