Upgrade NAV DB, also Upgrade the Client License?


I’m upgrading NAV 4 sp3 to NAV 5…and I sucessfully upgraded it,I test all functionality First using our Dev License… but when I try Test it Using CLIENT License( BASC LICENSE). It pop an Error the about “Prepymnt Mgt Codeunite”. Is this Mean that I when I have to upgrade the Database, I also have to upgrade our Client License to NAV 5? TY…Hoping for your reply.

Yes that is usually the very first thing you need to do. If anything, it makes it so you know whether the customer is up to date with their maintenance, and if they aren’t you can find out how much money it will take to get it up to date and whether they will want to spend that money.


Do the Client will still purchase that updated license, or it just for free updated, because it’s the same BASIC LICENSE but only difference in Version. The Client still to Purchase that?Hoping for your reply…TY

To update the license the customer must be up-to-date with his license maintenance fee. This is was Daniel already said. If he is not paying maintenance the customer will have to pay a higher rate to get his license updated.

To elaborate a lilttle further: There is an annual maintenance fee, which gives customers the right to get updated licenses and executables, and objects “for free”. To be able to get these executables, objects and updated licenses, you MUST be current on the maintenance fee.

The fee is 10-16% of the total license price, depending on the deal you get. So say your license is $50000, and you have a 10% maintenance fee, you pay $5000 just for the pleasure of being able to get an updated license.

Now the trick is that you must have paid this fee every year in order to be eligable for them. So if this customer of yours went live 5 years ago, and they want to upgrade today, and they have never paid their maintenance fee, they would have to pay the 10% for every year they missed, before they would get any of the objects, licenses, or the right to use the new executables. Given the same example, that would be an additional $25000 that gets added to their upgrade bill.

In other words, if they are not current, they do not have the right to the new executables, they do not have the right to use the new objects, and they will not be able to get an updated license.

It is unfortunate that you (or your company) apparently went ahead and upgraded this customer before even checking this. I hope for their sake that they are current.


Thanks for the advise, I really appreciate it.[Y]