upgrade NAV 4 TO 5

hi friends

i am new to navision . now currently i am working on upgrade navision from 4 to 5 .

can some one help me to carry out this process …

i need to know what are the steps in upgrade of navision


Do you have access to partnersource, if yes then download the upgrade toolkit from that website and that has complete description of steps to be followed.

Should you face any problem/difficulty in following that, then please ask the specific question.

Download “Merge tool” from www.mergetool.com, that will be quite helpful in upgrade project.


Dhan Raj Bansal

hi dhanraj

now i just took NAV 4 backup

thn exported all objects in text and in .fob format

and i installed standered version of NAV 4

now wht should i do … shall i import the txt or fob file?

hi dhanraj

wht is first step in upgradation

Please read this wiki article about upgrades (and everybody else please comment or edit with your corrections):