Upgrade Nav 2009 to 2013 error Log

Good morning,

I’m doing a migration from version 2009 R2 to 2013. I’m in the Data Conversion step, executing the object running the Transfer Data Upgrade601700.1.fob and I get the following error:

The record of transactions is full …

The database holds 90 GB, and the log has a size of 120 GB. The log can grow so much??

I have two attempts and the two I failed.

Someone can help me??

please, I need help, do not let me pass the data transfer because the log reaches 400 GB!!, the first company. The size of the database is 90 GB.

What I can do?

First - truncate the log or make a full backup.

Second - when performing heavy transactions (as a migration) in NAV, it might be smart to change the recovery-model to “Bulk-logged” or “Simple”.

but the log reaches grow??, my database is 90 GB and the log I have grown to 450 GB, is this normal???