Upgrade Nav 2.0 IT -> Nav 4.0 SP3 IT


I need to upgrade Navision 2.0 IT to Navision 4.0 SP3 IT. The question is: where can I find some documentation that explain me the correct way to procede? Thanks in advance

Upgrade toolkit has several documents, that info isn’t enough? Do you have any special doubt?

Hi Signav,

There are 3 basic things you need to do to upgrade :-

  1. Upgrade the Code - Including Tables/Forms/Reports/Codeunit’s etc…

  2. Upgrade the data so it fits your new database structure.

  3. Upgrade the Client software.

Which makes it all sounds easy but off the top of my head there are 2 majors changes between 2.0 and 4.00 sp3 that could cause you great pains and that is “Detailed Ledger Enteries and Value Enteries”, the other being Dimensions.

I may be wrong, but it sounds like you may be an end-user or an inexperienced Navision professional, and if that’s the case I would suggest you find someone with some knowledge and experience to help you through this process.

I am not saying get someone else to do it, as you would not learn. But get someone else to help and advise you through.

I am also pretty certain you can’t do a straight 2.0 - 4.0 sp3. Though that may have changed.


The first thing you have to decide is whether you are going to upgrade the data using Navision tools or treat the conversion as if it were a foreign system. If there have been relatively few modifications to the version 2.0 base, (and you can find a clean copy of the base code for this site), it may make sense to go the upgrade toolkit route. However, if this is a heavily modified system, and you will be abandoning some of those modifications in favor of features that were added in subsequent versions, it may not make sense to try to follow the NAV upgrade path. Ther have been cases where I have found it a better use of my time to engineer a data upgrade process that takes only critical data and moves it to the new system.

Either way this is a non-trival task and if you aren’t an experienced developer, I’d go find one!

Good Luck,

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Excuse me tarkmyler, where I can find a clean copy of Nav 2.0 IT? In Partnersource is not available, you suggest me to search in this site, but where? Thank yuo

I don’t know but 2.X version where removed from partnersource, except U.S versions.

Thank you Nuno Maia, I try to ask to my PAM in MBS