Upgrade from Pegasus Opera

I am currently migrating a client from Opera (Fox Pr database) to Attain 3.60. Has anyone had any experience or could gve me any pointers. My thoughts were to extract data via XLS and then use dataports to import across. I need to tak 24 months history with me. Thanks for your help

What exactly do you need to know? Yes, if the data is stored in a FoxPro database, then exporting the data out as a .csv file and then write Navision dataports to import the data, is the simplest method. As for the historical data - what type of data is it? In Navision we have various ledger entry tables and posted documents as historical data. Need a little more info! [:D]

Why do you need 24 months history? I think as a general rule, the new system should be a good chance to get rid of all the old rubbish. Clients often think that they can not live without a detailed history but in reality there is little justification for it. The end results will not justify the pain (for you) and expense (for customer) in transfering it. Stick with nice opening balance data only and the whole process will be much easier.

Hi, I would have to agree. If you can persuade the customer to start with openning balances, life will be so much easier later [8D] I wish I could claim back some of the time I have spent investigating issues which turned out to be due to ‘old’ data from the previous system. If you have to bring this data accross, make sure that you spend plenty of preparation on making sure that the data you bring in matches the field data types that you are trying to transfer it to. For example, if the customer is going to use SQL, ensuring that the date fields contain dates that are valid in SQL. This will save you a lot of time later when you come to import the data, and the import falls over each time it gets to an invalid value. [}:)]

HI Thanks for this, problem is that one of their key reports used to run their business is based on a rolling 24 month basis. When I had a chat with Navision (not that they ever seem very helpful) they said import all transactions into a journal and post them??? We are talkign 24 months!!!

If you have to post history then putting it in an unposted journal and posting in Navision is certainly best. Try summarising the data. If month on month is all that is needed then work out the net movement from each historical month and enter this as a one line journal, rather then every single transaction. I’m assuming of course that we are talking g/l entries - but you could apply the same principal to other ledgers.

Fleur, I agree completely with the reply you got from Navision (MBS) - it’s the easiest and best way if you wanna keep your system consistant all the time.