Upgrade from Navision GB 2.60D to W14.0

Hi, can somebody guide me on how to proceed for an upgrade from Navsion Gb 2.60D to W1 4.0. 1. Do i need to remove localizations from GB 2.60D also? if then how to go about it? 2. Is it recommended that upgrade be performed to GB4.0 instead of w14.0? 3. what can be the complications if we perform the upgrade from GB to w1? If Any expect some solutions asap. Thanks in advance.

A lot of this will depend on a/ how complex are the GB2.60 mods, and b/ Do you have a full understanding of those mods. If you have documentation of the mods [:P] or if it was you that originally did them, then you sould be able to work out the functionality, and then decide how to integrate that into W4. If you took over this client from another NSC, and you really don’t have a full understanding of the mods, then in some cases it cna be better to redesign the mods with the client.

Thanks David, Yeah, We have taken over from some other NSC. Does anyone has an idea of localization done on 2.60D GB and how much its differs from 2.60D W1? If we just keep everything intact, that is such a upgrade recommended i.e. localization carry forwards…if yes then what should be the upgrade path? if any one has an idea about it? how i plan to do it is, get 2.60d GB base version upgraded to 4.0 W1 by normal process and then look for customizations to be taken into thus upgraded database. I donnt find another simple solution…lemme know if somebody has similar experience…and pls share it also… Regard

In this case the first step is to determine how heavily mofied the system is. If its heavily modified, andthe client has chosen to change NSCs, then give serious concideration to manually bringing over only the truely necessary modifications. PS why are they on GB?