Upgrade from AX4 to 2009 GO LIVE CHECKLIST

Hello ALL-

I am trying to put together a basic check-list for the data migration from AX version 4 to 2009. I am working on the Sales, CRM and RMA module. I have hard time putting together a list of basic question, as i dont have an expiriance in migration.

I do understand that lots of steps should happen in proper order, and that each customer is unique but for now i would be so thankfull if i had basic steps Later on i will add more questions specifi to the client.

This is what i have so far

  • Open existing RMA?

  • What data is being loaded?

  • Have they tested the order in which they load data?

  • Load customers before loading open customer invoices.

  • Load vendors before loading open vendor invoices.

  • All Workstations Able to Print to Respective Printers.

    User Acceptance Testing