upgrade from Ax 4.0 to Ax 2009

  1. Taken back up of Ax 4.0 DB back up and Ax 4.0 application files
  2. Created New Db
  3. Installed the AOS Instance
  4. Installed Ax 2009 SP1
  5. and Ax 4.0 application files are Pasted in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl<Instance Name>\old
  6. Now started AOS
  7. Opened AX application
    7.1 compile application
    Step by step I went in check list
    I got Data upgrade cockpit , and I run that jobs in Pre and post synchronization
    And detect code upgrade conflicts I run that one also, after completion of this part I am reopened the ax application but it’s showing the only sys and syp layer files . I am not found VAR,BUS,CUS layer customizations

Can any one help me ?.
my customization in VAR, CUS, BUS,User layers