Upgrade from 3.7 to 5.0

Hi, I have one problem while doing upgrade from 3.7 to 5.0.Please help me…

In Standard 3.7 db, table ‘Acc. Schedule Line’ has one field ‘Calculate’.this field has been removed in standard 5 database and added two more fields.

Upgrade tool from 3.7 to 5 is not looking into this field ‘calculate’.so while importing new 5.0 objects into the database,I am getting error message saying "You cannot delete or change the type of the Calculate filed (in the Acc. Schedule LIne) before the value in the field is reduced…)

What is my next step?? Thx in advance…

Dear Chundru,

First a welcome to the site. It’s always nice to see when new members start becoming part of the Dynamcis Community by actively using the forums. I hope to see many more posts from you in the future.

Upgrading with Dynamics NAV is always fun! A lot of reason for frustation and hard work. And that’s the way it’s going to be until you have done a lot of upgrades from and to different version of Dynamics NAV. Only if you’re so “lucky” to upgrade one customer version without customizations, then it will work out of the box.

But there is something in you question that makes me reply by asking you another question. You are trying to upgrade a Dynamics NAV 3.70 INDIAN version to Dynamics NAV 5.00 WORLD WIDE version? Or have Microsoft India changed their plans, and have now released a Dynamics NAV 5.00 INDIAN version?

If this is the case and you’re trying to upgrade Navision 3.70 India to Dynamics NAV 5.00 World Wide, then I would like to give you a few comments as well.

I know the Indian version of Navision. And it’s heavily modified compared to the standard version. Not only to mention the special taxes for India (TDS, eCess etc.), but there are many other changes which is not part of the world wide version of Dynamics NAV. So if you’re upgrading from a 3.70 India version to Dynamics NAV 5.00 you have the choice of either skipping all Indian modifications and go to a clean world wide version (and thus be loosing the local legal modications required to run a business in India). Or you have to upgrade all the Indian modifications specific for your customer. If you select to go ahead and do this, then you have to consider that even Microsoft India have deamed it to be to much of a project to do, and that you following this will not be able to receive any support from Microsoft India if your local functionality does not work.

As to you question regarding the field Calculate in table “Acc. Schedule Line” then I’ve checked with my copy of NAV 3.70 world wide, and here this field is not available. So either it’s again a local Indian field or a custom field. In any case it would not be part of NAV 5.00 world wide. But this is no different from any other field added by NAV 3.70 India or custom. So you can do two things, either go to the standard version of the objects for NAV 5.00 (and thus risking to loose any functionality made regarding this field - but you have to clear it from data before you can do this) or you can bring over that new fields to your new version (and then you must make sure that any other functionality regarding this field is also brought over).

Hi Erik P. Ernst,

Many thank for your reply…I considered NAV 3.70 North America Version and my NAV 5.00 also North America Version.the field calculate is existed in my standard db.Please read the link and help me


Many Thanks…

Hi Chundru,

That sounds good. Please next time you ask questions to mention what version you’re working on (i.e. you actually wrote India in the tag for the message).

But I’ll love to help you, but it will be here on http://dynamicsuser.net .

we are still waiting for ur answer erik.

What answer are you waiting for?

Hello. The field Calculate functionality has been added to world wide version. The field now is “Amount Type”. So you can export the data. clear the field and delete it and then load it back and populate the amount type field.

This should be reported to MS US/NA as a bug and they should fix the upgradetoolkit.