Upgrade from 2.10 to 3.60 (Retail Addon)

Hi Guys, Im sure people would be aware of GoPro Retail addon, well we are in the process of upgrading an older version of this addon (Navitill with Retail Back office) to the latest GoPro Retail 3.60. We couldnt find any upgrade procedures / objects like we have in Navision Attain UPGTK. What I would like to know is has anyone been brave enough and done this already…if yes then please all suggestions / experiences are welcome and if not then too if you have any ideas you would like to share. Cheers !! Vishal

Vishal, You have to contact GoPro Landsteinar directly to get the new version. But you also have to be aware that many add-on developers DON’T create update objects or procedures like you know it from the base product.

Hi Erik, We had contacted GoPro for any support they could provide, but in vain we havent received any response from them. This was the main reason of starting a topic here !! I can understand that Add-On developers dont create update objects or procedures, but then there would be many others who would have been in a similiar situation. Thanx & Regards Vishal

Hi Vishal, You need to get support from Go Pro. I’m sure they can help you out in case their Add-on supports NA 3.6 Version.I think it does as we received some communication regarding the same, sometime back. Any other solution would be adventurous, be careful.

Hi Rahimuddin, Actually we are awaiting response from GoPro since over 2 weeks now and time is running out on the upgrade process, so I thought maybe some people here would be able to throw some light on this matter. Regards Vishal

Have you ONLY waited 2 weeks? Then they are still work faster. I just have to ask why didn’t you check that they had an upgrade procedure before you started your upgrade project? My experience tells me that you cannot trust anyone to do what you expect. Often the upgrade procedures a not available until several months after the release of the actual product.

Hi Erik, I have seen upgrade procedures for earlier version of Retail backoffice. As far as i know, 2.01 RBO and 3.60 RBO has lot of changes so obviously there should be some upgrade procedure. regards TAA

Ahmed, I know the old RBO and the new as well. My guess would be that they are not going to create an upgrade procedure. It’s simply a huge job to create this procedure. But then again GoPro Landsteinar a are good company - not always to quick - but much better than most add-on developers. Yhy don’t you just give them a call and get this cleared. The telephone is often much better than an email - especially when it comes to GoPro [;)]