Upgrade Financials 2.6 to Attain 3.7

Hello, have big problem at the Upgrade. Codeunit 104045 work no long time. Have Backup with 450 MB, and the problem is at the Item Ledger Entry with key. I read someone have same problems. Is there anyone who can send me the correct codeunit 104045. work now 48 hour and have 86 %. [xx(] Sorry for my english is not so good Thanks Uwe UweSihler@hotmail.com www.uwesihler.de

Uwe, From which version of 3.70 do you need the upgrade objects? 3.70.B? /Karl

Try to disable all secondary keys in big tables. After the job you can enable them again. Will be much faster. Make sure you work with the database locally on a machine and that the machine is very fast and have fast disks.

Have Attain 3.70 B PC Pentium 4 with 1024 MB, work local not with server. What you mean with big tables? I think have only problems with table 32 Item Ledger Entry

With big tables I mean tables with a lot of data in them. Item ledger entry often is one of them. Regarding the machine fast disk subsystem probably is most important.

Uwe, How much DBMS Cache do you have? /Karl

There is already a thread running on this topic.