Upgrade db from 3.10 to 3.60 SQL

Hi! I got a problem when I have open a 3.10 SQL database with an 3.60 SQL client [xx(]. I got a message that the upgrade was OK. But when I should open a company I got an error messeage like: “Field Connection-ID are missing in table Session”. But in SQL EM could I see the view Session and the field Connection-ID. Does any one else hade this problem? I have seen this twice.

Were you trying to perform an functional upgrade? or just wanted to convert the 3.10 DB to be opened with 3.60. I assume its the second one as the first can’t be done this way.[;)]

Hi Per! I assume you are using the SE client and that language swedish is selected. Got the same problem as you when trying to open a converted 3.10 DB. Error message (in swedish): “Fältet Användar-ID saknas i tabellen Session”. I could finally open the database by editing the session view and translating it to the Swedish field names. I can send you a SQL-script for creating the “swedish” session view. Probably the problem could also be solved by first open a 3.60 database and change the language to English, prior trying to open the converted database. Regards Fredrik

The problem occurs because the translation of fields in your .stx file has changed between the 3.10 and 3.60 versions, i.e. the translators have not kept the same field names, in the case in the Session table. Rather than change the Session view you should address the source of the problem. Either correct the error in the .stx file and have it re-sealed (I realise this is not an easy route but it is the right one), or change the field names that Attain ‘remembers’ from the 3.10 version. These names are stored in the [$ndo$identifiers] field of the [$ndo$dbproperty] table in your database. You can modify find and modify the incorrect field name(s) using Enterprise Manager for example. The fields should match those that are in your Session view.