Upgrade/Compare tools in NF 2.5

I do not have a NF 2.5 CD handy and I would like to know if the upgrade/compare tools are any better than the previous versions ? I will have to upgrade from 2.01 to 2.5 so is it still the best method to : 1st - Do a compare of an unmodified 2.01 with the customized 2.01 2nd - Print out the differences between the those two databases 3rd - Manually Copy and Paste to a 2.5 (I understand that there are some tool who automatically copy the fields for table and controls for forms, can anyone confirm this and let me know if there are any catch using this tool) Tarek Demiati

The Compare tool isn’t great, but it works well once you figure out how it works. I haven’t been able to get the Merge tool to work, however. Anyway, here’s what I did recently. 1. I used the compare tool to create a change log of Customized 2.01B vs. shrinkwrapped 2.01B. 2A. I created an FOB of all modified 2.01B objects. 2B. I did a File Import into a 2.50 database, using the Object Designer. It is better to use a database with no data. If 2.50 is still using a 2.01 or older object, I just went ahead and imported the old modified object. Obviously, I skipped all the 2.50 objects. 3A. I did text exports of any objects which were modified in the old database, but were not updated during step 2B (usually because Navision changed them for the shrinkwrapped 2.50.) I updated them manually using the changelog. Remember to comment out unused code rather than deleting it whenever possible. 3B. I checked the custom objects (i.e., those in the 50k range) to make sure the previous programmer didn’t do anything which needed to be changed. 4. I imported the modified objects from step 3A and 3B into 2.50. 5. I created an FOB of all 2.50 objects in the new database, including those which were not modified. 6. Finally, I backed up the old 2.01 database into a new 2.50 database. All the objects will be old ones, until you import the complete 2.50 FOB you made in step 5. This step will be long and boring (just like this message) because you will have to watch the various ledgers rebuild their ****ing keys at least twice, maybe more than twice if something goes wrong along the way. --Tim Horrigan tim.horrigan@emsolution.com ------- Tim Horrigan

1st when you are doing the update are you using a machine with multiple monitors? If yes Is it a big help? I am an end user with an extensive amount of Navision development under my belt. I specifically waited on the upgrade from 1.# to 2.5 (skipped 2.0) because of the amount of customazation in our database. Now that I see what 2.5 has- or does not have- I wish I had not waited-- However, thats another post. So, now I am deciding if I want to take my own time to do the upgrade or if I want to farm it out to either a NSC or some independent developer. My NSC is estimating 50 hours of time to upgrade. If anyone has any interest let me know what your rates and timeframe would be. psvcs@ameritech.net

To upgrade NF we usually take the following steps. 1) Create a txt export of all the objects changed in the client version. 2) Import the 50000+ objects in the newer NF version. 3) Import the modified objects that are not changed in the newer NF version. 4) Export the objects from the newer NF version that have also been modified in the client version. Now we have a set of objects that both we and NF have changed. We use a compare tool (beyond compare) to copy the changes we made in the new NF objects. This can be quite a job, especially with forms, but it should be fairly easy (it helps to document your changes, so you can see wether a difference is created by you or NF). After all the object are compared and edited you can import them in the new database. (I think this is step 6 then). 7) Export all objects (fob), from the database you’ve just created, that have changed (ie either you or NF changed it). 8) Open the original database with the new version of NF. This will convert the database, so make sure you have a copy somewhere. 9) Import the fob created in step 7, et voila, your customized database has been upgraded. This of course implies that the changes you’ve made and the changed NF made are ‘compatible’ and using version nrs of objects makes selecting the object you need to handle easier. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands

Have you tried Impuls Workbench? I haven’t tried it myself, but I have heard that the newest version (2) should be OK! Kind Regards – Henrik Helgesen, Navision Solution Developer