Upgrade code field to SQL

Hello, I’m testing an upgrade from NF2.6 Native to NF 2.6 SQL. All work fine (at this time), except for code field … My customer and Vendor “No.” is an integer on a CODE field. On SQL, it’s varchar and that display Cutomers 1,10,100,2,21, … not 1,2,10,21,100, … So what is THE soluce ? - Convert code field to integer, yes, but I have a big lot of related field to customer No. and I must change all fields - Rename all customers like C00001,C000020, … Ok, but it’s tooooooo long - Other solutions ???

You can keep the field as a code field in Navision, but you can change the SQL type to Integer. Of course you can only do this if all values in your code field are numbers only. Go into the table designer, and open the property page of the code field you want to change, and look for a property called “SQL Data Type”. Change this to Integer and voila, your code fields will be sorted as though they are integer values.

Other related fields (like customer No on invoice, …) don’t have to be changed to integer too ?? And I have 10 companies on Navision and … only ONE of them don’t use integer … So only solution is to rename

No the beauty of this is that because you are not changing the Navision datatype, all linked fields will continue to work. Of course because you have other companies in the same database with non-integer fields, you have no other choice but to rename… Of course you could rename only the company with the non-integer to an integer scheme, and then change the SQL type.

Check out the SQL Type Variant (instead of Integer)

But clear solution is to follow Navision numbering conventions and rename all cards… but it is big job in some cases, but it is cost of not following standard conventions… :frowning:

The Variant subtype was introduced in 3.01 - it is not in 2.60 (but it is the better option).

Ok, thanks, I try to rename. And variant doesn’t exist on 2.6 And sorry, but I never heard about a numbering convention for customer, vendor, … And the actual numbering for customer and vendor come from the old software. When my company upgrading to navision, they don’t make any change on that

I’d consider an upgrade to ver. 3.70A (executables only), thus gettng access to the Variant type and as an added benefit better SQL performance.

Yes, but we buy Navision 4 years ago. And my boss choose to don’t pay for maintenance contract. So, now if we would an upgrade to 3.7 or 4, that cost …