Upgrade big databases to NF 2.5 / NF 2.6

In the near future we are planning to update a NF 2.00 database to NF 2.60. The database size is 20 GB (approx. 13 GB used). To perform the upgrade is it necessary to create a Navision backup of the old version (for example with a 2.01b client) and to re-import it afterwards. I wonder, if there are any problems I do have to consider? Is there anybody who has done this update before with a database of comparable size? Thank you for your comments. Klaus Hannes

I just did the upgrade from 2.01 to 2.60 yesterday on my very small 70Mb private DB. The following might be of concern: 1) It sometimes happenes (don’t ask me when and why) that during restore of a db some tables are being importet twice: once with the normal table number and a second time with a number plus 1 Million. Such as Table 4 Currencies, Table 1000004 Currencies. unfortunately these tables in the 1 Mio range cannot be accessed (= deleted) with a normal developer license. The situation is completely f…ed up if you have such duplicate tables. Remember: Fin 2.60 does not allow duplicate object names any more. 2) You need to do a backup at a time when no user is working anymore and the restore into the new db has to be finished before anyone starts working again. From Friday evening 17:00 to Monday morning 07:00 you have exactly 62 hours to perform this task. Is that enough time for a backup/restore?? I have a customer with a 6.5 MB db and the restore takes 17 hours. So you might run into troubles. Marcus Fabian ---------------------------------- fabian@ddag.ch m.fabian@thenet.ch 079 439 78 72 ----------------------------------

A note about the duplicate tables: from what I was told by Navision US, they are temporary tables made by NF in the 1 Billion range. The ‘easiest’ (only?) way to get rid of them is to do a backup and restore into a new db. Of course, when your db is in the multi-GB range that’s almost as bad as not being able to remove them in the first place… Regards, Mark

Hello. Navision-US has given a couple of upgrade classes today at Passport and the material from that presentation should be on the Navision-US website sometime next week. The upgrade document explains all scenarios involved with upgrading.