upgrade ax 2009 to 2012

hai all

am trying to upgrade ax2009 to ax2012

i successfully did aod upgrade

data upgrade and data update

after tat i opend ax 2012 i cant find any upgraded data its fully blank


can any one help me,

am i have any other steps to do after these things??

thanx in advance

You’re obviously not done with the data upgrade yet. :slight_smile:

What data don’t you see? Do you see it the database? Is DataAreaId correct?

I could have more questions, but first you need to do a basic diagnostics.

hi martin

thanx for ur reply

still am having error in table mapping

:frowning: i think tats y i couldnt complete the data upgrade process

am getting error as no mapping field errors also

how to solve these errors???

thanx in advance

What do you expect to hear if you don’t tell as more than that you get some errors?

What errors? Mapping of what data?

hi martin

am sorry for my last post,

when i start with the source machine’s check upgrade realines am getting errors, i attached the screen also

then i continue the process with errors,

in target machine while table mapping am gettin error as field errors and target table not empty, tat screen also attached here

for target table not empty error i opens the tables which all r got the errors, but the tables are empty oly

thanx for speding time with my post :slight_smile:

how to solve these errors. i dont have any idea abt this

I can’t give you any advices about your specific errors, but you should really fix the validation errors first. Each error has not only a Description (e.g. “The GLS-based configuration kes are selected.”) but also a Resolution (“The country/region configuration keys … need to be cleared.”) and sometimes even pre-prepared fix available through the Fix button.

thanx for ur reply martin…

for tat gls error, i un check the countires also, still its shows the same error…

is thr any other ways to clear the configuration keys???

thanx alot for ur replies :slight_smile:

hai martin i solved my all errors,

still 7 advisory warining are here,

can i proceed the further things? or shd i clear the advisory warning also???

thanx for helps :slight_smile:

and all the advisrory related to dat company ,

which is doesnt have any data in tat

Hi Arun,

I am also planning for an upgrade from AX 2009 to AX 2012. Luckily i have only Finance data(GL, AR, AP and FA).

Can you please tell me or share with me a document which explains the detailed steps to be followed for upgrade.