Upgrade 4xx EXE to 5.00 with End User license

Hi all,

those planning an EXE only upgraed to 5.00 may have discovered the “intentional feature” [;)] that makes it impossible unless you have a full developers license with access to all modify all tables in the database. Well here is a simpel solution. its a bit convoluted, but will get you there.

NOTE this only works on SQL. Sorry if you have Native, then you need to go the Backup/Restore path.

  • I create a backup of OBJECTS ONLY from your 4.00 database.
  • Restore these objects into a new 5.00 database.
  • Now export all table objects form this 5.00 database.
  • Import all the 5.00 converted tables back into your 4.00 database.
  • Close version 4 and open SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Locate you 4.00 database, and open Table $ndo$dbproperty.
  • Change databaseversionno from 60 to 80
  • Now open your database in 5.00.

It take about 5 minutes, compared to a 20 hour backup restore


Excellent Tip

Check also this: http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=89116#89116

I asked the KB 936885 and it works!

Yes but Alain, think about it [;)] if a person has a user license, then most likely they don’t have access to partner source right. I am addressing the issue of an end user doing an EXE upgrade by the self, which has been possible in every version of Navision to date.

[:$] right. Didn’t read well.

Nice one David!


Hi David, I come accross yiour suggestion and I will try it in my test. however I just check my Navision 4.o (SP2) database that my databaseversionno is 40 NOT 60 do I still follow the same procedure you provide above? Does this has any effect on compatibilty levl in sql server? ( sql2005(90) or SQL2000(80) thanks, Susan

Hi Susan,

actually I think this “feature” was corrected in a hot fix for 5.00. but I am not certain.


This wiki explains all the version numbers.

Thanks David…