Upgrade 40SP3 to 2009 R2

Hi Experts,

I am working on upgrade project from 4.0 SP3 to 2009 R2 IN localization.

Have installed the DevToolKit and copied the required files to setup folder.

Created DevToolKit database and started importing all the versions.

After importing the objects, it stuck at Form 16576 while performing merging.

There is no error, no any message or nothing kind of warning. System just hangs.

I have found this problem in both version of DevToolKit, NDT 2.0 build 291 and also with 3.0 (latest one).

Please help me to go through this situation and move ahead to start the upgrade work…!!!

Dear Experts

The problem is solved. The reason was as mentioned below:

My current custom 4.0 database was having all the hotfix (upto HF6) whereas the standard cronus 4.0 database was not having the same. That was the reason DTK got hanged while doing compare & merge those hotfix objects.

So I have imported the Hotfix objects in the standard 4.0 database and now the setup is ready, so started upgrading the objects.

Thank you all…!!!