Upgrade 4.03 to 5.0 - NAV backup neccesary?

Is it necessary to do create a NAV backup when upgrading from 4.03 to 5.0 or can the first step simply be to open the database with the 5.0 client?

I’m mainly curious because of the changes to SIFT. Will the extra SIFT tables be dropped? Will the original table triggers change?

Of course, we will be doing a SQL backup of 4.03.

No it’s not necessary. Just simply open the db with SA user. The sift tables are dropped and so are the table triggers. Indexed views are created instead. I did one a week ago on 3.7. It’s pretty painless.

Thank you!

I must say I am pretty impressed at how they have done this. I was really expectig issues, but it just seems to work very simply and reliably. Also very fast.