Upgrade 3.10 -> 3.60 Step 7

In the Upgrade Toolkit Manual Step 7 is written about deleting all objects (except tables) and importing another ones from objects.fob. This .fob file is created in page Chapter 4.1 page 40. In the beginning of this chapter there is Note: “You must carry out the procedures in this chapter if you are upgrading from Navision Financials, User Portal, Commerce Portal, Commerce Gateway and Navision Manufacturing but not if you are upgrading from Navision Attain.”. So what should I do? Step 7 is for all versions but creating objects.fob only for non Attain [:(!]

Yes, delete all non-table objects. Why? This way you will not have non-used objects in your database other then tables that are not used in Navision 3.60 anymore. Better yet, If you don’t you’ll get a double name error on importing the new objects course a couple of form have been renumbered. I’m missing the last step in the conversion which would be the deletion of all non-used table in 3.60. Table “Item Prices” and table “Item/Cust. Discounts” are two of them. btw, Make a back-up before you delete all objects, just in case.

Arthur Gedvillo, Did we meet when I was in Riga, Latvia? Are you converting “WILO”? If so, please… please… please e-mail me when you have any questions. Don’t trust these guys on Navision.net [;)]. Just e-mail or call me. Wilo already paid me for support.

So it comes out there is a mistake in the manual [:p] I’m sorry Emiel but it seems I’m not that Arthur [;)]

good… Yes I think there is a mistake in the manual. But don’t blame me in Navision tells you otherwise. [;)]