Upgrade 2.60 to 3.60 on SQL

We are suffering with performance problems with our Financials 2.60D on SQL2000. We have a database on 83GB and we have been advised to upgrade to Attain 3.60 runtime (we have doing a LOT developing). Can someone tell me appox. how long time the conversion alone will take and does anyone have some experience/knowledge with the performance after the upgrade? Regards Kristoffer P.S other good advices to improve performance are welcome

Can’t you archive some data … 83 GB ? SQL has some great tuning tools, so you might want to check out update statistics, running the query and other performance tools. To be honest I don’t know how they interact with Navision.

I whish and agree, but no it is not possible for the moment. I have been looking at “Process info” and locks but what tuning tools can you suggest? I am also very interested in performance viewing

Could you pls. be more specific regarding the performance problems being faced by you?(Speed/Locking/Other). Upgrading to 3.60 runtime doesn’t require much effort but isn’t really a solution to the problems you are facing unless due to some reported error/trouble with 2.6x runtime.

The advice to upgrade to 3.60 is very sensible. There has been a lot of work on c/side for the SQL version for improving performance since 2.6x and are many improvements even for the resource hungry 3.60 application compared to a 2.6 application. If you are not changing your 2.6D application code, the upgrade to 3.60 (i.e. finsql.exe, ndbcs.dll etc) is simple. The 2.6 database will be converted automatically by the program, requiring no manual changes. Having said this, performance problems are mainly rooted in applcation code and database design - mostly key design and use. This is where most effort has to be placed in solving problems, wheather they are slow running queries, blocking or deadlock problems. This requires the ability to analyse the areas of the application that are causing problems, and the troubleshooting guide that was made available from 3.10 is the bset tool for doing this.

We had a 2.6E database and upgraded to Attain 3.01B. Navision have recommended we upgrade to 3.60 as we are also having performance issues with SQL2000. The upgrade to 3.01 went very smoothly, there were no problems, except we found some reports that contained bitmaps had to be re-compiled, and our tests on our development server are indicating no problems with 3.60 either. 3.60 is supposed to be better at ‘talking’ to SQL, and also there are more performance options, such as being able to specify the level of SIFT indexing, rather just ‘on’ or ‘off’ as with 3.01B. Having said that, we experienced a fair performance boost by turning off the ‘MaintainSIFTIndex’ property on keys that have Sumindex Fields. Hope that helps [:D] Justin