Upgrade 2.6 to 4.0

We inherited a client that is currently running 2.6US. Do the 4.0 upgrade tools handle this directly, or is ther an intermediate step that needs to be performed. I have not found any tools on the MBS website, so if there is a step to be performed, and you can provide a link to 2.60 upgrade tools, I would be appreciative. Rick

Right From the 4.0 Upgrade Toolkit Download Page: The upgrade toolkit for Microsoft Navision NA 4.00 has been released. This tooklit is used to upgrade from the following listed Navision products to MBS Navision North American Version 4.00. Navision Financials US 2.60 Navision Manufacturing US 2.60 Navision Commerce Gateway US 2.65 Navision Commerce Portal US 2.65 Navision Attain US 3.01 Navision Attain NA 3.10 Navision Attain NA 3.60 MBS-Navision NA 3.70 The only version of 2.60 which is not listed is Distribution. If you are running this, then you would need to go to another version on this list (3.60 or 3.70), so that would be the actual toolkit you would be looking for, not 2.60. Note that this does not belong in the CRM forum?