Upgrade 2.5 to 3.7 - HRP Conversion

I am currently working on the payroll portion of an upgrade from vers 2.5 to 3.7. When I step through the HRP Conversion Wizard (codeunit 87200) and hit the convert button I get a permissions error: “You do not have permission to write in the Payroll Register table…”. I’ve checked everything I can think of (ie. user security permission,user setup, lics file, etc.) and can’t find the problem. I’ve had my NSC confirm that the lics file is correct and we have solution developer lics. I’m convinced its something in payroll setup and probably staring right at me but I can’t see it!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

please check a propertie of codeunit. You can add more permission for that table and then run that codeunit again.

Same error message…“You do not have write permission in the Payroll Register table…”. I’ve double check user permissions and even created a new user with superuser permissions. Still can’t do anything with the payroll register table.