Upgradation from 4.0 SP1 to NAV 2009 SP1

Hi Experts,

I have gone through many posts regarding upgradation from 4.0 SP1 to 2009 SP1…!!! But i couldn’t stop myself to post this one as i need some direct guidance…!!!

I have exp of nearly 3 years, and work with many clients, but mostly on 4.0 and 5.0 or 2009 Classic but not the RTC…!!!

This is the first time, I have been given to upgrade one of our client from 4.0 SP1 to 2009 SP1.

I know there are Upgrade Manual Kit and documentation…!!! But based on your experience, can you please tell me what are the basic things that one should take care of, so that the upgradation doesn’t go wrong…!!! And I need to finish within 25 days.

Of course the database is very well (highly) customized many years before (when I have not heard about Navision)…!!!

One More Thing: The current 4.0 SP1 DB is Singapore version, and the upgrade should be 2009 SP1 Malaysia version…!!!

Please experts, guide me with your advises…!!! At least, how to start and what are the things to take care…!!!


25 days may be a lot - but it may also be very little time to do an upgrade. It really depends.

If you have done 2009 Classic upgrades then you know the deal. The “only” difference is that you need to do the Page Transformation and Report Transformation for the RoleTailored Client.

I don’t think that going from a Singapore version to the Malaysian version is the biggest problem, as they are very similar. The only difference is really the languages - as far as I know. But when you do the upgrade, then you should really consider starting and ending with the same language versions and then after this move the code to the Malaysian version.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your suggestion, honestly speaking I have never done any upgradation (except from native to SQL in same version).

This is the first time (and i want to start the work to finish it). But i don’t know what can be the starting point.

And as per your suggestion : I should first go for the upgrade from 4.0 SP1 SG to 2009 SP1 SG and after that I should go for 2009 SP1 SG to 2009 SP1 MY.

Is it so???