Upgradation from 2.01 to 3.6


We have upgraded navision financial 2.01 into navision attain 3.60.

  1. How to create the value entries?

  2. How to calculate the average cost (which is based on value entries and Item ledger entries), because there is no value entries??

Here I would like to mention that we have not used the Upgradation tool kit, just compared and merged the objects and using dataports I have uploaded the data…Will it create any problems in future??

Please suggest

It’s been a while since I have done an upgrade, but due to the changes between 2 ans 3.7 I would have thought the tool kit would have something to create the needed value entries.

Maybe a course of action would be to get hold of the toolkit and see if there is a routine you can use to get your VE’s in.


I personally would start all over, and this time use the upgrade toolkit.

You must also have problems with dimensions, since the dimension-values are not put into the underlaying tables
There could/must be something more in relation to the sql-option released in 2.50.

Hi Akash,

I agree with Tony and Alexander. Whilst it may have seemed like a quick and easy way to do an upgrade, but this is not the way to go. Alexander has mentioned Dimensions, you your self have already found problems with missing Value entries, but what more is there that has not been found yet? The thing is that in most cases like this, the client probably does not knwo about the short cut, and thus don’t really even know about it in their general testing. But in 6 months or a year, the problems will start to show. And all the money you saved now, you will end out having to give to the client in the form of free work to fix it up. Worse, if you have not done upgrades before (which this sounds like), then you are probably going to have to pay an expert to come in and fix it.

At this point do what Alexander says. Stop where you are, throw away the conversion routines you have written, then learn the conversion and upgrade tool kit and then start again.

Sorry to have to say this, but I think its the only solution.

Hi David/ tony and all

I spent about 2 months on this upgradation and I am sure that boss will not allow to start from scratch…can there be any shortcut to resolve the issue…?


I guess that in those two months you have been replicating some customizations you had on the 2.01 database on a standard 3.60 database. That work would not be lost. What you need to re-do is the data conversion phase, that is:

  • export all the 3.60 objcets (customizations included) in a fob file,

  • make a backup of the old database,

  • restore it into an empty 3.60 database,

  • run the first MS migration tool and, if you have any, your customized one

  • take care of the occasional errors,

  • delete all objects but the tables,

  • import the previously exported fob with customized 3.60 objects,

  • compile everything and take care of uncompiled objects,

  • run the last part of the MS supplied migration tool and, if you have any, your customized one

  • did I forget anything? [:P]

Hi Akash,

My personal opinion is that if you don’t do it right in the first place the longer term effects can be devastating.

Over the last few months I have been trying to resolve an issue with costing at one of my customers where another NSC implemented badly from the start. So far they have paid us more in support than how much it cost them to implement in the first place.

My recommendation is to reimplement but for one reason or another they are not in a position to do that at the moment.

This is a proven result of a bad implementation in the first place.

I am not saying that you will implement a bad system, I am just trying to show the smallest problem at the start of an implementation can end up in an expensive solution to resolve further down the line.

Take the time to do it right, and correctly in the first instance and the customer will love their system, do it wrong and they will have a bad tatse in their mouth and may end up leaving you.

Its a thin line to walk Cost/profit. But trust me it will cost you less to get it right now, than fix it 6 months to a year down the line.

Anna has given you a good path to follow.