Upgradation AX 4.0 to AX 2009

Hii guys,

The 4.0 database having a field(projid) containing 15digit number.when i upgraded to AX2009,in the 2009 database i am not able to get the same data.its showing upto 10digit.

I have also setted 20-digit string length to that field in AX2009.But still it not showing.

Please tell me…the solution…

So you set the new string length and repeated data upgrade?

Hii Martin,

Thanks for rplying…

No martine,while upgrading from 4.0 to 2009 only,it automatically setted to 20digit in 2009.But still its coming upto 10 digit only.so now wat to do,plz tell me martin…



If there is no dumb conversion performed by ReleaseUpdateDB* scripts, I can find just one scenario with such a result: the database was synchronized with incorrect field (data type) length.

I would recommend to repeat the data upgrade and verify the data after each step.