Upg. 260->370A. Lot No. lost in Purch Inv. Line

Does anybody know why the Lot No.s stored in Purch. Inv Line and Sales Inv. Line are not carried over to the Item Entry Relation table in 3.70. when upgrading from 260. In the Canadian upgrade tool codeunit 104090 “Upgrade 3.70 Step 1 ItemTrkg” the “Lot No.” in Posted shipments/receipt Lines are saved in TempItemEntryRelation and then blanked, while the posted invoices are just blanked out. If there is a particular reason why the Invoiced Lots are not carried over I would like to know, cuz it looks pretty deliberate? The lot info is needed to create a Credit Memo from a Posted Invoice with all the correct tracking info. Thanks Jens

You should be able to find the information in table 6507 - Item Entry Relation.

Sorry - by mistake. I wrote “Value Entry” instead of “Item Relation Entry” in my first description. My problem actually is that the Item Entry Relation table is not upgraded with the 260 Lot Numbers from “Purch. Inv. Line” & “Sales Inv. Line”. In Canada “Purch. Rcpt. Line” & “Sales Shipment Line” are included. As the function already exists, I was wondering if the call to handle the missing Item Entry Relations was left out on purpose because of some potential risk.