Updation of a value in one form by clicking button in other form.

Hi all,

I have 2 forms. Ex Form A & Form B

In Form A a b c

100 50 (a-b)

In form B a b

100 50

Here a and b were flow field values. Now here in Form B i will assign a button(release) if i click this button the value in Form A should be get changed. i.e c value(a-b) should be calculated.

plzz help me in this

Thank U


Correct me if my understanding is wrong. If you click a button in form B, form A should be opened and in the C text box, the calculated value should be displayed?



Hi Karthick,

ya the same thing.

i will be giving value in Form A. And click button in Form A . Then the result value should be displayed in Form B.

thank U

do you have relation between Form A and Form B.


do you have any relation between Form A and B.




Kindly check the attachment. This would help you. Run the form 1 and provide your inputs. 2nd form will be opened which displays the calculated value. I got this from mibuso and you can find some more discussion also in mibuso


PassingParam.fob (18.5 KB)

Hi Muthu,

From A is the master which iam using in FormB.

Thank U