Updating the Dialog field values into Form

Hi All,

I have one Dialog and One Form like Above images.

After entering the values in dialog fields, all 3 fields should update on the form controls(Sting Edit).

Please help me



Which part do you need help with? What’s the problem?

Thanks Martin,

Now I am not able to post the same in another forum because it is giving duplication error.

Please suggest that how to update the form which contains three fields as I shown in the above.

If I click on OK button on the dialog, the same values should update on the form .

Kindly help…

I personally moved your question from the technical forum to the developer forum. This is the right forum and no other.

You have so many ways how to do it. For example, pass the table buffer from the main form to the dialog and fill it there. Or pass an object to the dialog and let the dialog to call its methods there. You can also call methods of the forms directly, although it’s not the preferred way. You could also save the record already in the dialog and merely refresh the main form. And so on, and so on.

It all depends on your concrete requirements.

Thanks sir,

Please send the example code for it.


Which solution did you choose? I’m not going to write sample code for all infinite number of ways and I see no point in choosing one of them by random without knowing your requirements.

Let’s first make clear what you want your code to do, then I can provide some sample if needed, if it turn out that you’re unable to implement it by yourself. You can’t write any code before deciding what it will do.

HI Sir,

After entering the values in the dialog which I shown above, all three values (closingId and date and description), should update on the form (which I shown above) controls.

Kindly suggest any.