Updating the Client/Job Fees Setup table


Could someone explain to me how I can updat the Frequency field in the Client/Job Fees Setup table (ID 89509)?

We have just taken on a single client that wants to be billed once every 3 years (don’t ask), there is a company locally that I could approach to update this field but there must be a simple way to update these drop down options without incurring costly developer fees.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

H :wink:

Hi Neil and welcome to forum!

Are you sure its Navision you speak about? Or Axapta? Table with ID 89509 doesn’t exist in NAV… or it is localised/customised/add-on table.

Hi Modris,

Thank you for the welcome and responding so quickly! It was actually ID 83182 the Client/Job Fees setup table that I need to update. The field is the Frequency which is a drop down list.

Thanks again,



As Modris already pointed out, this table seems a customized/ localized object and not a part of standard W1 product.

Are you saying that this Frequency field will have only one option (means default and compulsary value)?

PS: I suggest to contact your partner, to avoid any damage to database due to lack of knowledge (I know it will cost you, but…).