Updating temporary tables, will update Sumindex fields and key index [in Database]?

Hi, am new to MS Dynamics NAV.

When we create temporary table it copies structure of physical table. when we insert new or update record, will it affect Sumindex fields and key indexes, because temporary table exist in client, so whatever changes are made to temporary tables, will get affect in client side only and sumindex fields are stored in database.

When we create new table will it copies keys also, because if we want to search some records, we must use best key…

Am totally confused to about temporary table functionality. Pls explain complete details about it…

In MS Dynamics NAV online help content, they have given only basic info about what is temporary table and how to use

A temporary table is a temporary variable that holds a table. A temporary table is used as a buffer for table data in your C/AL programs.

You can use a temporary table just like you use a database table. The differences between a temporary table and a database table are:

  • A temporary table is not stored in the database, but is only held in memory until the table is closed.

  • The write transaction principle that applies to a database table does not apply to a temporary table.

The advantage of using a temporary table is that all the interaction with a temporary table takes place on the client. This reduces the load on both the network and the server.

When you need to perform many operations on the data in a specific table in the database, you can load the data into a temporary table while you modify it. Loading the data into a temporary table speeds up the process because all the operations are performed locally on the client.

Hi Amol,Thanks for ur replay.

My question, When we update or insert a new record into a temporary table, will it affect keys and Sumindex fields [in database], if yes How?



Again new question came to my mind. If temporary table didn’t update Sumindex fields, Then how can i get updated data in flowfields?? because sumindex field data fetched from Sumindex tables in database., and also, is it temporary tables maintain Sumindex tables in client side??