updating subforms

Hi everybody, I have a problem with updating subforms. I have one main form with 3 subforms in it. * Subform1 * Subform2 * Subform3 When I do actions in subform1 or 2 (inserts,delete,modify), this takes effects on subform3 wich is editable false. Now I always have to go back in the main form or click in subform3 to see this affects. So when i insert a new record in subform1 or 2, you can not see the result immediately in subform3. Does anyone have a solution for this problem ?? Thx Steve

Steve, In Navision a subform does not know it is a subform. Interaction from subform to a main form is not possible, except if you have a onTimer polling in the main form. This topic has been discussed alot, search this forum for more details. Alex

It’s not a perfect solution, but it can be solved by using the OnTimer trigger in the main-form. Then you could have a boolean value in the sub-forms indicating if there has been any changes. If changes in sub1 or sub2 you update sub3. Regards Peter