Updating record from an outerjoin link in AX2012

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue which I cannot see where I miss something.

I created a new table, which is a shared table, and has a relationship with InventTable. the new table that I created will be updated in EcoResProductDetailsExtended form, whenever the item is selected. Now, I added the new table as datasource in the form, with a relationship of outerjoin - cause other items might don’t have a record from this new table. For some item records, I can update it, but for some are not. It seems that it clear the link between the InventTable and the new table that I created.

Also, I added a code in validateWrite of my new datasource to initialize the itemId for the new table. Cause the itemId is required in saving the new record in the new table. I put a breakpoint to see if the validateWrite method is executed. It’s really weird cause for some item it can call the method, for other its not.

Any thoughts is highly appreciated.