Updating main form when subform changes

I have a field in the Header table that is a flowfield (sum of values in a field in the Line table). I have a main form and subform (source tales are my header table and line table respectively). I need to update the flowfied (displayed on main form) when value in any of the Line table records changes (Line table field displayed in subform). The mainform textbox does not show the updated value until user clicks on the main form after changing value of field in subform. Is there a solution to this problem? The user should be able to see the updated value of flowfield in main form as the values in the subform are changed. Thanks. Pari Somasundaram.

Search the forums for words ‘update’ and ‘flowfield’. Plenty of suggestions are available. regards, Anu

Make a Function on mainform for updating the form and call this function from subform onmodify. it should work…

Sorry Brian that will not work as ther is no link from the subform to the main form. In fact a subform could be in several main form such as purchase lines in orders/invoices/CM. You could call the function on an ontimer of the main form though. Paul Baxter