Updating Inventory Field of Item Card using dataport.

Dear experts,

i would be thankful if i get the knowledge how to update my inventory using datapot. I m using nav 2009 . I have to an excel sheet showing actual inventory present in NAV & physical inventory present in stock of more than 400 items. I want to update inventory field to actual quanity .I created a dataport , with field name no." and Inventory". also i made a notepad file with no & inventory with values.than imported. but i created a double item with same name …

any one can guide…is there any field properties to update the field.? where can i find CallFieldValidate property.?


any one can give information , how can i create dataport clearing account for inventory. also how to upload inventory quantity field through dataport.

The Quantity on hand field on your item card is a Flowfield. It’s not an integer/decimal field.

It calculates that number from the “item ledger entries” - that’s why when you drill into it you see all those ledger entries.

Sales, purchases, adjustments, etc. all these together add up tot he number you see on the item card.

If you want to import to fix your qty’s then you should look at importing into the Phy. Inventory Journal or use that for future adjustments.

Phys. Inventory Journal

You use the Phys. Inventory Journal window to maintain an up-to-date record of your inventory at different locations. The physical inventory feature can also assist you in taking a physical inventory by comparing the actual quantity on hand, as determined by the physical count, with the quantity on hand calculated by the program. If there are any differences, you must record and post them.

When you post the journal, the program creates a physical inventory ledger entry for every journal line and an item ledger entry for each journal line on which the actual quantity on hand, as determined by the physical count, is different from the quantity on hand calculated and recorded by the program.