Updating financial dimensions for asset table using excel import

Hi All,

In Ax 2012, I have imported some asset table and asset book records without default dimension using excel. Now I got another excel template having dimensions for each asset ID. I have to update each asset table record with the dimension values specified in this template. I am facing problem in creating combinations in related dimension tables.Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance…


Faisal Raja J

Hi Friends,

I found a solution for this issue. As recommended I used API for associating dimension attributes with a master entity rather than creating records in related tables. The following method can be used to get the default dimension,

AssetBook.DefaultDimension = AxdDimensionUtil::getDimensionAttributeValueSetId(financialDimension);

In the above line, financialDimension is a container having list of dimension values for that particular asset id.


please, where to put this code line??