Updating File Table

I created a form with a file table in it. Now I want to do some processing on a selected file and rename the file after that. The file is renamed in the file system, but not in the displayed file table. Even if I close the form and reopen it the old file list is displayed. (We use Financials Version DE 2.00C) Many thanks for any hint.

I had a similar problem a short while ago. It seems that the file virtual table is not automatically updated. I was able to work around this problem by writing some code that forces the system to look at a different path and then come back to the path that I’m interested in. Files.RESET; Files.SETRANGE(Path,‘c:’); // These two lines force Navision IF Files.FIND(’-’) THEN; // to look at a different path Files.SETRANGE(Path,DataDir); Files.SETRANGE(“Is a file”,TRUE); IF Files.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT (Process and rename the file) UNTIL Files.NEXT = 0;

Thank you sooooooo much…