Updating a testcompany

In Navision Financials I have one “live” company and one Testcompany which is a copy of the “live” company. I’d like to regularly keep the data in the testcompany updated with new data from the “live” company. If it could be updated once a week, would be very good. What I do now is -taking a backup of the live company in the live database -restore the backup in another lokal database -rename the live company to testcompany in the lokal database -take a backup of the new testcompany -delete the old testcompany in the live database -restore the new testcompany in the live database How can I automate such a task? The system is NF 2.50 SQL option. Any suggestion is appreciated. Edited by - frgusto on 9/20/00 11:15:22 AM

Try moving the data directly from one company to another by using CHANGECOMPANY: Rec1.GET(Key); Rec2.CHANGECOMPANY(NewCompany); Rec2 := Rec1; Rec2.INSERT; However, you will have to make a report which includes all tables you want to move to the testcompany.

I would reccomend setting up a whole new database for the test company. You can get the data from the live company to the test company by simply doing a backup from the live company which you restore into the test database. If you put both companies into the main database, you will have problems with people posting data to the wrong company-- especially if the test company has a similar name :slight_smile: ------- Tim Horrigan

Proceed as follows: - Backup the live company - Delete the Testcompany - Rename Live to Testcompany - Restore Live Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch