Updating a online shop through Navision

Dear all, I have to figure out a way to maintain a set of information on the web in a way that when, for ex., the price of an item is changed, the website of the store also updates that particular item. First problem: The site is not on the LAN or WAN of the store where Navision is. The site is in a dedicated server and has no real connection to the store. Everything is made through a backoffice (restricted area of the site), and they don’t want to type all the information in the site, and type it again in Navision. Second problem: The site uses PHP and MySQL DB. Can I exchange data in a similar way I do with ASP and SQL Server? For the first issue, the guys in the store talked about VPN or certifications, or something like that (this goes well beyond my knowledge). [:0] Any thoughts, ideas? [?] Thanks

MySQL works almost in the same way as the M$ Sql server… so you should not have any trouble on moving data from the database. VPN (= Virtual Private Network) basically what it means it’s creating a new network connection between your server and the web server in a secure way that’s only allowing the selected computers being on that network… (it’s more or less like having a LAN ). You can always put the data from/to navision connecting to the MySQL database… the language the webpages use it’s not important… what’s important for you it’s how to connect to the database and that way being able of importing/exporting data. Have you had a look on the webshop module on Navision??? It can give you some ideas :slight_smile: Regards,

Hi. What is WebShop and where can I get it? Is it Navision or a third-party product? One other thing: What’s the problem in using C/ODBC in a network of type WAN if I only need to connect 2 computers inside the same LAN? In other words, concerning security issues, what’s the big deal in using ODBC inside a LAN (and a WAN) to exchange data between Navision and, let’s say, a SQL Server? Sorry about so many questions, but I have to figure out a set of issues regarding security. Thanks for any help

Webshop is the web standard solution that was coming with Navision Financials 2.6. After that, the new version of WebShop has been called “Commerce Portal”. About the LAN/WAN thing… you’re starting to make me confused… on your previous post you wrote:


The site is not on the LAN or WAN of the store where Navision is. The site is in a dedicated server and has no real connection to the store.

… and you’re saying now about having the 2 computers inside the same LAN. Well… mostly the difference between the LAN and the WAN when using internet is that the LAN is a “more secure” context (and usually faster) for connecting the computers, as you can set a firewall for stopping the “malicious” connections from outside the LAN and the IP’s on the LAN are selected by the network administrator, not having to be real ones. On the WAN you’re usually connected now through the Internet, so the comunication between two computers can be theorically more “insecure”, as other users can block that comunication. It’s usually a lot slower than in a LAN, as you’re comunicating through the internet and the communications are not as fast as they can be in a LAN. Regards,

Hi. Thanks for the input. I’ll try to get Webshop and take a look. As for the LAN/WAN thing, I’m sorry, but I was talking about something else. For this particular project (the first I talked about) the website isn’t in the WAN/LAN. What I was referring to was another project that the site is right beside the navision server. What happens in that case? I mean in terms of C/ODBC, security, and so on… Thanks

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